Let's face it,

the current throwaway model for promotional items is ridiculous.


Promotional items and event collateral are produced in huge quantities, touch millions of people, are usually used only once, have zero resale value after their first use and usually end up in landfill.

If we are to move away from this needless production of waste we must go a step further than recycling - we need to maximise the value of the things we make - using them time and time again.

The current take, make, dispose model just doesn’t fit with our vision of a thriving, sustained future for our planet.

Here’s our solution:

Encycled is creating a leasing model for promotional and event materials such as T-shirts or banners. We work with you to customise your order, deliver it to your event, collect the items after your event, remove branding and reprocess the materials so they can be used again in another setting.

Most importantly - we help you to demonstrate the environmental impact and importance of reuse to your customers and clients.

Check out our explainer video to learn more about Encycled:



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