Encycled is passionate about helping organisations advertise and promote themselves without compromise to the environment.


Our Mission

Why own promotional materials when you can lease them?

Why purchase branded workwear only to destroy it days or months later?

Encycled is model for promotional materials offering our clients access to promo items that can be re-processed and re-branded for continued use.

The Encycled model massively reduces waste, saves organisations valuable time, resources and costs, and helps demonstrate environmental commitments in a new and engaging way. Click here to find out how it works.

We envision a world where single-use promotional items do not exist. We are showing businesses and consumers that the old system of "take, make, dispose" is over and that we all form an important part of this transition.

We help brands communicate their values and offer a unique way to communicate their own sustainability targets and commitments to customers. 

Encycled knows that it is possible to realise greater value in the items we create. This notion inspires us to contribute to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and our mission impacts several of the SDG guiding principles. Find more about these ambitious targets to which we can all contribute here.

If we could build an economy that would use things rather than use them up, we could build a future.
— Dame Ellen MacArthur

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